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Chef Services Kauai Kiki Alexander - Personal Chef About the Chef. About The Chef I enjoy employing my international culinary skills to provide custom meals that bring the best of the island experience to you. I can serve a formal meal with table service, family style buffet, or an upscale picnic at the beach.

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Wine Tank
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Beer Can Chicken Throne
Now that I'm back I’ve added another head to the family (football) and a beer can chicken throne (stand) and I am looking forward to creating more fun and unique products in the future. Beer can chicken heads are the direct result of a typical weekend BBQ with my brother in the backyard experimenting with different ways of barbecuing various things.

Gluten Free Protein Pasta
Did you know that the effect of your food and protein content is not how much of protein you get but the source of the protein you get? Millions of people don't get enounce protein due to food insecurity, well here is a guaranteed one for you;

Psilocybin Treatment Resistant Depression
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Cali Pods

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