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Monthly Clubs For Him

Many people have ambitious goals of losing weight and improving their health at the start of the year. We start with bold plans and schemes that prove to be more complicated than the actual process; many people find themselves stuck between wanting an ideal weight and keeping up with an unrealistic health program.

The main power behind these programs is to include a meal plan that will propel your weight loss or help build substantial muscle. The monthly subscription box of a healthy snack will keep your weight consistent over the years as you enroll into a workout routine. Monthly clubs for him is an exciting gift that will surprise and satisfy your partner, friend, or family.

An unusual aspect of monthly snack clubs is that they are customizable to include details that serve different ages, gender, weight profiles, and health goals. These details may consist of a flavor that is the most suitable to the consumer at a comfortable pricing range. 

Reasons to consider healthy monthly clubs for him.


Calories are critical in maintaining body size and strength. You should consume enough calories while trying to add muscle and a slightly lesser amount while losing weight. An expert on states that you should multiply your current body weight by ten to find the number of calories that will maintain your weight with the right muscle formation.

Most nuts have up to 200 calories for each ounce; hence they are an excellent addition to your diet. Recommend the addition of 3 ounces of nuts to the daily foods at the start of the muscle-building journey.


A majority of fat content in nuts is the unsaturated type. Unsaturated fat improves the functioning of cell membranes while increasing the production of hemoglobin. This case means that eating more nuts will provide enough oxygen and nutrients to support the fast growth of muscle tissue. The recipient of your monthly clubs for him gifts is less likely to have sore muscles as they progress to the next workout.


Protein is an essential muscle growth component because it has a powerful effect on the growth and repair of cells. Typically, nuts have 25% of the needed protein content. The protein in nuts is incomplete but easily fixable when you combine many different kinds from Nut of the Month Club.

How to use our monthly clubs for him

One can eat nuts in many different ways. You should never eat snacks while walking into the gym because your body will divert the energy into the digestive system. Use nuts in the healthiest routine to boost your gym results. Remember to drink enough water to ease its ingestion and absorption.

Creating a meal idea that will build muscle is an excellent way of maintaining a consistent nut consumption meal plan. Add a handful of different nuts into salads, the protein shake, or the butter after the workout routine. Greek yogurt is also a natural additive to nuts and will keep you fuller for longer before you head to the gym. Check out our store for nut assortments that will help you attain a healthy body most healthily.


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