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Pierogi Brands

Pelmen Foods is one of the leading pierogi brands in the US and Canada to offer succulent dumplings that replicate the authentic polish flavors. Try our wide range of dairy-free, vegetarian, chicken, beef and pork pierogi from a retail outlet near you.

What does a pierogi taste like?

Pierogi are dumplings made using wheat flour, salt, water, and eggs and come with a filling inside the dumpling. The filling can be both savory and sweet. You can get creative with the filling by using your favorite ingredients or fresh seasonal ingredients to get the best taste out of a pierogi.

A good pierogi should be succulent on the inside and soft or crispy on the outside, depending on the cooking method (boiled or pan-fried). The outer layer of the pierogi or the dough should be thin and perfectly proportionate to the filling. Most of all the dough, the filling, and the topping should complement each other for the pierogi to be flavorful and scrumptious.

How are pierogi traditionally served?

Traditionally pierogi with meat fillings are widely popular. Typically meat fillings include beef, pork, chicken and veal. Cheese pierogi with powdered sugar for topping is another traditional pierogi dish that is a staple in most European countries.

Savory pierogi with toppings like fried onion, melted butter, lardons, sour cream, and pork rinds are some of the common ways to serve this dish. People of Poland use local cheeses and fresh seasonal ingredients in the spring and summer seasons to prepare pierogi.

Simple pierogi recipe

To indulge in some delicious pierogi, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of preparing the dough, filling and the topping. With our frozen pack of perogies, you only have to defrost the pack and add it to 3 quarts of boiling water with a tablespoon of salt. Remove and drain after 10 minutes and serve the dumplings hot with your choice of topping.

For pan-friend version, remove the perogies once they start to float and gently toss them in a pan with a tablespoon of butter. Remove the dumplings off the pan once they attain a golden brown color and serve them hot with your favorite toppings.

Fun Pierogi facts

Pierogi was a traditional peasant food in Poland. However, over time, people of all social statuses started consuming pierogi. The people of Poland prepare special kinds and shapes of pierogi with different types of fillings for Christmas and easter based on the theme of the holiday.

Pierogies are common at weddings and funerals too. Pierogi Kurnik is a unique wedding pierogi that comes with a chicken filling inside the dumpling. On the day of St. Hyacinth in Poland, the people of Poland celebrate the pierogi festival in Krakow. On this day an average of 30000 pierogi are consumed at the festival

If you crave this mouth-watering Polish dish, try Pelmen Foods from a supermarket near you. Among all the available pierogi brands in the US and Canada, we are the only company to offer authentic polish flavors at affordable prices.

Pierogi Brands
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