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Grass Fed Beef Online

Grass Fed Beef Online

Grass-fed beef has become quite popular because of the great benefits it has to humans, animals, and the planet at large. The feeding routine of a cow can have immense effects on the nutritional composition of its beef. Grass-fed beef has low-fat content, high content of omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and antioxidant vitamins. Also, grass-fed beef is good for your health. Are you looking for grass-fed beef? We are your go-to suppliers.

At FarmView Market, we proudly supply our customers with grass fed beef online at affordable prices. All our beef products are derived from grass-raised and grass-finished cows. We embrace traditional farming methods to ensure a high standard of animal welfare. What’s more, our clients are guaranteed premium quality beef supply. Our beef is sourced from trusted local farmers and our very own farm.

What are the Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef?

In addition to being environmentally sustainable, grass-fed beef is nutritionally superior. This farming method prevents the breeding of anti-resistant bacteria that can predispose humans to health risks. Below are the benefits of grass-fed beef:

  • Prevents Cancer

Grass-fed beef contains a significant amount of CLA, which is known to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. A diet with high levels of CLA lowers the chances of women getting breast cancer.

  • Reduce the Chances of Getting Heart Disease

The high amount of CLA present in grass-fed beef is also believed to reduce the chances of people getting heart-related diseases. Grass-fed beef is rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin E, which is known to fight heart diseases. The nutritional composition of grass-fed beef is ideal for lowering levels of dietary cholesterol.

How is Grass Fed Beef Good for Animal Welfare?

Grazing cattle are happier compared to feedlot cattle. Grain is like ice cream to cows; delicious and fun to eat. However, just like the way humans are not meant to make ice cream their sole ration, cows should not be eating grain only.

The PH in animals is too acidic, making it important to give your cow plenty of roughage alongside grain. Otherwise, you will be subjecting your cows to various health problems.

How Green Fed Beef Benefits the Planet

Generally, beef is not environmentally-friendly since it produces methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. However, grass-fed beef advocates for well-managed grazing. This helps to offset methane and other harmful greenhouse gases related to beef cattle by ensuring that carbon is locked in the soil. Vegetation soaks up and stores carbon to prevent carbon dioxide, which is another greenhouse gas, from being released into the atmosphere. Poorly managed grazing pastures lead to less carbon sequestration, exposing humans to the risk of more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Where to Get Grass Fed Beef Products

We have different beef products ranging from ice cream to burgers. Get in touch with us to find genuine grass fed beef online. At FarmView Market, we have a variety of fresh farm products at affordable prices. To place your order, call us on (884) 210-7030.

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