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Food Trailers For Sale

When you are ready to take your delicious food to the people, you need a venue. One of the best ways to get started is with a mobile kiosk. At Custom Trailer Pros, we create individualized food trailers for sale based on your specific requirements. You can get the trailer you want that we design according to your ideas. We bring your dream to life and provide you with the perfect way to distribute your kitchen creations.

What Are the Types of Food Trailers for Sale?

At Custom Trailer Pros, we sell a wide range of trailer packages. We offer three basic trailers to get started, including a hot kitchen, cold kitchen, and BBQ & porch. We start with one of these basic trailers and customize it to your exact specifications. Each trailer comes loaded with the specific appliances and details that you need to make your food business successful. Hot kitchen trailers allow you to cook inside the unit. Cold kitchens provide you with refrigeration, and BBQ trailers have an open porch for grilling.

Customize Your Food Trailer

Why settle for a used food trailer or a trailer that doesn’t have all of the options that you need? When you want your business to be a success, you need to start with a trailer that fits your exact purpose. At Custom Trailer Pros, we work with you every step of the way to make a food trailer that is designed specifically to meet your needs. Along the way, we ensure that everything will meet your high standards while also working within your allotted budget. We have the best custom food trailers for sale in the country.

What Standard Features Do You Provide?

We provide many standard features on our custom food trailers for sale. Our competitors charge extra for many of the features that we supply standard. Some of these features include .030 exterior thickness aluminum, complete water package, large capacity sink with drainboard, 60-inch triple tube tongue, insulated walls, and ceiling, LED lighting inside and out, the interior height of 7 feet, and complete electrical package with the 25-foot power cord and 50 amp plug. Then, we add features that you want to create a custom design that will be ideal for your needs.

About Custom Trailer Pros

At Custom Trailer Pros, we have the experience and expertise we need to create your perfect food trailer. We build every trailer from the ground up, according to your specifications. While most food trailers you find are made of parts that they retro-fit into place, our trailers are made with high-quality materials and workmanship. We painstakingly install every feature of your trailer, including the frame, electrical, plumbing, and layout. We take your vision and use it to manufacture your perfect trailer. Best of all, we have affordable prices and financing options to help you make your dream a reality. You can view our gallery online to see some of the many available choices. Contact us today to get started on your food trailer.


Food Trailers For Sale
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