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Detox Los Angeles

Detox Los Angeles

If you’re in pain, struggling with drug or alcohol withdrawal, you need to consider our detox in Los Angeles today. At Carus Recovery, we know that, more often than not, the treatment’s success depends on how fast you decide to act. Addiction is a progressive disorder that will often advance fast and come with life-threatening side-effects along the way.

Should you detox alone or come to a rehab facility?

There are a lot of individuals who, unfortunately, decide to detox at home, despite their condition being severe. This is not only ineffective but can lead to a variety of problems along the way as well.

Before getting there, here’s how professional detox can help you:

  • Contain the withdrawal – Our top rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, focus on containing the withdrawal as the first step in the recovery phase. The detoxification program uses medication and therapy to counter the withdrawal’s immediate effects. The detox program will last up to two weeks, during which you will begin to notice significant physical, mental, and emotional improvements.
  • Prevent the relapse – Most patients who attempt to detox at home fail due to experiencing relapse. The powerful cravings, paired with the extensive withdrawal symptoms, often prove too much for anyone to handle. Especially someone dealing with severe addiction for a long time. Our rehabilitation program fixes that since it places patients in an inpatient drug rehab center. This removes access to any type of drugs and alcohol and eliminates the triggers that could cause you to relapse.
  • Ensuring optimal clinical assistance – The recovery process isn’t always fun and games. Patients dealing with aggravated withdrawal can sometimes experience more severe side effects and health complications during the treatment. Our best rehab centers in LA, CA, provide a safe environment to recover and a team of professionals ready to intervene. Our clinicians can step in to provide the much-needed care and tweak the treatment as necessary.

The risks of self-detox

We believe that not going to a Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab to treat your addiction is a mistake. Self-detox comes with several problems, including:

  • Ineffective in the long run – Most addiction victims will relapse soon into the self-treatment. That’s because they don’t have the means or knowledge to undergo effective detox and rehab.
  • Potential health complications – Self-medicating any condition is always a bad idea. This generally comes with dangerous drug interactions and side effects that most people aren’t prepared to tackle on their own.
  • The danger of developing new addictions – In many scenarios, people resorting to over-the-counter medication tend to develop new addictions along the way.

The solution to all these problems comes with joining our inpatient addiction treatment in LA. If you need immediate detox in Los Angeles, contact our team of rehab experts at 888-616-9065 to discuss your insurance coverage and make plans for detox and treatment.

Carus Recovery offers access to advanced recovery modalities and an inpatient program with pristine success rates over the years. Call today, sign up with the program, and let’s get things in motion!

Detox Los Angeles

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