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Dance School In Minneapolis


Why take lessons at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio?

Arthur Murray dance studios have been around for over 106 years. We have 270 studios in 20 countries with more to come. If you are looking for a premier dance school in Minneapolis give us a try. Sign up for a new student lesson and start learning today.

What kind of dances do we teach?

We offer several different programs. We can teach you several different styles and dances. Let’s name a few: Bolero, Cha Cha, Fox Trot, Hustle, Quickstep, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Swing, Tango, Waltz, Mambo, and Country and Western. Everyone can learn to dance.

What are the benefits of dance?

Dancing has several positive benefits. First, it is a lot of fun.  It is excellent exercise and can help you get into shape or stay in shape.  You get lots of cardio, which improves your heart and lungs. Dance improves your muscle tone, agility, and helps maintain strong healthy bones.

Regular exercise is attributed to better overall mental health. It relieves stress, anxiety, and can help memory. Plus, it helps you sleep better and generally improves your overall mood. If you are ready to learn something new and fun or just polish up your technique, check out a dance school in Minneapolis.

What type of dance programs do we have?

The Basic Program

  • Feet placement
  • Rhythm & Timing
  • How to lead, follow and receive enough training to keep it interesting
  • Learn how to vary your dance program enough to keep it exciting for you and your partner

Bronze Social Dance Program

Associate Bronze Program (This program is for those who want to get onto the dance floor swiftly.)

  • Teaches you to move around the floor freely
  • Helps you expand your variety of technique and footwork
  • Begins to teach you how to portray the dance style

Full Bronze Plan

All Arthur Murray studios teach this course. It hones your skills on the dance floor and allows you to concentrate on the dances you want to learn the most. It will allow you to feel comfortable in most situations regardless of the music or your partner.

Silver Program

The Silver Program makes sure that you will get noticed on the dance floor. You glide across the floor and your moves are sublime. You will look graceful and professional on the dance floor.

Gold Program

This is the program for the hobby dancer that is interested in performing, competing and taking their hobby to the next level. You will learn showmanship, styling, technique and how to choreograph your own dance. Most of these moves will not be used on a crowded dance floor, but for exhibitions and competitions. By this stage, you will be considered a truly talented dancer. 

There are several reasons to take a dance class. You can spend extra time with your husband, wife or partner. Dancing is great exercise and helps you both mentally and physically. The dance school in Minneapolis has special new student classes just for you.

Dance School In Minneapolis
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